iphone wireless charging

New Iphone

iphone I’ve just seen that Apple’s new iPhones can charge wirelessly. Well my iPhone 6 is still in good shape and I’m going to keep out for a while. Eventually when I do upgrade I’ll give the 6 to my seven year old daughter, she’ll be eight by then.

Phones and Children

Young Woman with phoneI know there’s controversy about giving young children a cell phone at such a young age. And I have toiled with this myself but there are benefits as well. The main one is that provides communication and as she gets older and more independent that becomes more important. I use this app called Life360 Which I have on her older brothers phone this allows me to know exactly where he is. Then there’s the fact that my phone should stay charged for longer, my daughter has a habit of taking my phone, playing games and depleting the batteries.

Go Wireless

I’ve always wanted a wireless way to charge my iPhone. My wife has a Samsung model that has that feature built in and now that Apple has added it in its new (expensive) models. I want it too.

The Kit

There’s a kit you can buy, like the ones here wireless charger for iphone Which gives you a wireless charging iphone. You don’t have to take your phone apart, there’s no tools either. You just plug it into the iPhone, bend this card thing over and onto the back of you phone, where it sticks on. And that’s it.

The great thing is that I can use the same wireless charger that my wife uses, even though her phone is an Android type phone, it doesn’t matter.

Final Thoughts

And by buying a few wireless charger pads and placing then all around the house, they’re not expensive, we can all charge our phones without fighting over the one charger. Getting into the habit of leaving a phone on a charging pad ensures it’s fully charged and ready to go.

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