The Humble Camera Tripod

The Camera Smartphone

The world of photography has moved on the smartphone. Everyone is a photographer these days and the social media sites have so many photos of celebrities from every possible angle. So surely the SLR camera is dead?

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Well that’s not the full picture, if you’ll pardon the pun, photos from cell phones, in the main, are of incredible pore quality. But snaps would be a better term to describe them. It’s not the smart phone that’s at fault here. In fact the smart phone and it’s software are incredible at deciding what’s important in the frame and exposing for precisely that. No the real problem is the person pressing the button.

Photography versus Snapper – Which One Are You?

It is in fact possible to get some really good images from a smart phone. You just have to have to have a little bit of knowledge regarding composition and the use of light to produce something of quality, that will look great on any website, which is where most images tend to go nowadays.

old fashioned tripod and modelSo is the dSLR less relevant today than it was before the introduction of the smart phone. I think not. It is if you just want to snap away but those folks would never have the patience or inclination to try and understand the principles of photography. And nor should they.

The Master Photographer

When you want to produce an image, something that you can picture in your mind and engineer into existence. That skill takes time to learn and master. And having the right equipment, like flash units and tripods (you can see some here The best selling camera tripod) makes so much sense.

tripod in silhoutte You the photography need to be comfortable with your equipment so that the snaps you do take, stun your audience. When that happens, your snaps become photographs, you’ve graduated to master photography and you look at the world in a similar way as an artist would.

The images you produce will be a thing of beauty and everyone will see that too.

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