Learn to play an 88 key keyboard piano

Learning to play Piano

Man and child hands on a pianoOur young son is learning to play the piano. I feel it’s very important for young children to learn to play a musical instrument, not because they should go on to become grand concert pianists but because it exercises a their young minds in a rather unique way.

You see there’s something quite amazing going here as you play a musical instrument, there’s immediate feed feedback as your actions make the sounds. And this instant response to what you’re doing, especially as a young child, helps with deeper more profound areas of thought and learning later on.

So our seven year old has been learning the piano for around eight months and, fingers crossed, seems to be enjoying it immensely. Which I’m quite pleased about. So we’re going to get him an electronic piano that he can practice with.

Finding the Right Keyboard

Piano KeyboardWe want to buy something that behaves like a real piano. It has to have the full 88 keys and these should be weighted so that the sound can be played soft or loud.

We found a useful web site that goes into more detail and has the latest electronic pianos for purchase. You can find the link here keyboardpiano88keys.com

Although they’re not cheap, I feel that it’s important to get something that behaves like the real thing. A cheap keyboard is more like a toy and that will really send the wrong message to my son.

Keyboard Pianos with 88 Keys

I used to play when I was younger and I’m quite excited to dust down the old cobwebs and see if I’ve still got it. I don’t think you ever forget, it’s a bit like riding a bike.

But the other reason to get something that’s a bit more expensive is it’s resell value. Providing it’s in good shape we could sell it on for a good price. Ressling old keyboards

Eventually, I’m hoping my two year old daughter will get the bug from hearing her older brother play. Then she’ll be able to practice on a full size electronic piano as well.

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