The Three Piece Suitcase

Old Fashioned SuitcaseThe world of suitcases

I was never happy with our old suitcases. They were too flimsy and the zipper would stick and one of the wheels on the other had seized up. Plus they seemed to get tatty very quickly and just looked, well, cheap bargain basement purchases. Time for change.

I was determined to put things right for the next purchase. And I decided on a three piece luggage set. Lots of research on the Internet led me to this site ~Three Piece Luggage Set I new I had to go up market, not in a designer label way but in terms of ruggedness.

My Previous Suitcases

From past experience, I knew what to watch for – the locking mechanism – the wheels/casters. But first I’ll tell you why I decided on a three piece set. Simple, it’s for storage when not in use. You see, when empty each smaller case fits into the next case. Which means three cases become one. Space is at a premium where I live and anything that helps on that score, is a bonus.

There are lots of choices when it comes to 3 piece luggage sets. Some good, some not so good and it’s easy to get hooked on looks rather than function. But it’s important to remember that the function of a suitcase is more important than good looks. And if you keep this in mind you’ll purchase will be for the long term.

Rugged Shell SuitcaseSuitcase Considerations

So take this this a three point check list when your looking for a new suitcase.

  • The locking mechanism
  • The wheels/casters
  • The skin/shell of the case

If you go for a zipper, then look for the chunkiest, robust zipper you can find.

With wheels or casters, it’s the same deal. Don’t go for small dainty wheels, you should be looking add something similar to those in a flight case. Something that’s going to last.

Finally the case itself, this needs to be tough resilient and waterproof ( it’s surprising that some case materials aren’t waterproof – avoid these like the plague). We tend to favor the hard, polyurethane, plastics. These are very durable and last a long time.

See what you suitcase has to endure here

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